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Founded in 1991

Manager " Nicola Jayne Ruston


What makes a good hairdresser  !!!!

Anyone can cut hair but not anyone can be a good hairdresser!

Here's some talents and skills of a good hairdresser that you may not have considered before:

Sculptor - Sculptors have to have the "vision" to see what they want to produce from a mass of unformed material.

Painter - The mix of colours, using light and shadow, warm and cold colors next to each other and create smooth transitions between shades.

Designer - As a creative person, they see things others don't. They are able to visualize all kinds of shapes and colours and put them together. It's a big challenge to help someone to find the perfect look and to give advice.

Great Listener - It doesn't matter about all of the above if your customer's are not happy!  When a customer IS happy they leave the salon more beautiful than ever. As well as listening to what a customer says, they also need to understand what's not said to ensure you have a positive experience.

Psychologist - Building rapport, understanding the motivations of customers and that the "transformation" of a hairstyle often means a transformation of themselves. Some people love to visit a salon for the personal attention.

 Of course there's a lot more involved in being a great hairdresser than all of the above, but I think you would agree that there's more to it than meets the eye!


Miss Nicola Jayne Ruston

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