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Clipso Salon Prices


The amount of extensions required to create a particular style depends on the length of your natural hair and the ‘finished look’ you want to achieve.


Please call for a quotation on 0191 3789490/07803408693 or email us at


Appointment consultation are with Nicola Jayne "Manager"


Price guide


A single extension costs between £1-£6 depending on the length and texture of the hair you choose.


A handful of strategically placed micro hair extensions will create volume and colour. You can achieve volume from £100-£200, and length from £200/£300 upwards.


During your consultation we’ll discuss the style you want, and look at your existing cut. We talk about the possibilities and give you some options that could include adding volume only, or colour, or length.


We can then work out the number of hair extensions needed to create the options we give you, together with the price.


Once we give you an estimate, we’ll stick to that price. However if we use fewer extensions than we estimated at your appointment, the price will be less than our quote.


If you have 50 or more extensions, a cut will be included in the price.


 A guide to the number of extensions needed will depend on the length, Colour and thickness of your own hair.


The amount of extensions required to create a particular style depends on again the length of your natural hair and the look you want to achieve.


Fine hair


Just 20 micro professional hair extensions will instantly add volume and movement to fine hair. Adding just 80-100 extensions will achieve length as well as volume.


Normally 120-200 extensions are needed but the existing weight line of your natural hair will determine how well they blend in and therefore how many will be needed. The thicker your natural hair, the more extensions you’ll need.


Short haircuts need custom work at the top so a lot more extensions will be needed. So if you have short hair please allow an extra 20% on the cost.




Just 10 strategically placed professional hair extensions will add colour and life to almost any hairstyle.


Whether you want length, volume, colour or curl, you can discuss the possibilities with one of our team during a personal consultation


We supply hair from Great Lengths, Raccoon and other sources for every clients budget like the new Russian pre bonded  Bulk and wefts 


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